Merchandising Matters is available to provide visual merchandising training to your sales staff both virtually (through webinar and virtual meeting) and on site at your location. Visual Merchandising Educational Programming is available in the one or more of the following formats:

  • Visual Merchandising Best Practices Manual for Outdoor Retailers: A wonderful tool to provide the foundation for team building and training. This manual can be customized to your specific industry and/or retail environment.
  • Workshops: Topics specific to Sales Teams, Reps, Marketing and Merchandising Professionals, and Retail Leaders as well as anyone else who wants to stand out and be HEARD. Workshops, webinars, training or seminars available live or virtually and available in the time frame that meets your needs. Follow Merchandising Matters on Facebook to stay up to date on current offerings.
  • On-site Training: Merchandising Matters is happy to develop a training program that includes all the necessary visual merchandising tools and elements and train your trainers so that your team remains empowered with the necessary skills regardless of turnover. Visual Merchandising Training programs may include the following:

Let us lead your staff to a solid understanding of visual merchandising principles so that they have the confidence to make decisions that drive sales and makes sense. Empower your people with the skill set to merchandise effectively and develop a powerful silent seller!

Some retailers partner with other retailers in their proximity to share costs. We diagnose your needs and develop a plan that meets those needs. 

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