Merchandising Matters is available to speak at your annual sales meeting, trade show or on location in your own business environment on a variety of subjects including:

  • Building Relationships and Bridging Merchandising Goals Effectively from Brand to RetailExplore how to be a value add to retailers and maintain your story line at retail so that you both have a win-win.
  • Merchandising and Marketing to Gender (or other specialized demographic): Learn how you can you understand what works best with women or men or the aging population so you can leverage sales with an authentic story that acts as a beacon to your avatar. You’ll also learn some valuable ‘don’ts’!
  • Store as TheaterFrom Concept to Execution: Consider your store a stage and learn how to set that stage so that your props support your scene.
  • Removing Barriers and Invoking Curiosity Basics for new Retailers and Emerging Brands: Learn how create an experience for your desired avatar or consumer so that you begin to develop a following and engage with your key audience.
  • The Development of Your Story and How to Communicate it: Explore why you are in business and who you are so that you can effectively translate this story in your marketing and merchandising.

For Sales Teams, Reps, Marketing and Merchandising Professionals, and Retail Leaders as well as anyone else who wants to stand out and be HEARD.

Investment varies according to project.



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