Are you opening a new store? Undergoing a remodel or refixture? Projects like these can be overwhelming with even the best-planned processes distracting you from your daily business but they are also an opportunity to up your game visually and to train your team while doing so. Merchandising Matters can show you the way.

Remodels, concept build outs, or new store projects provide a unique set of challenges and merchandising opportunities as product is relocated, the unexpected occurs, and the best laid plans fall apart. It’s also an exciting time! Adding a merchandising lead can be the difference between a positive and negative experience for store owners and sales teams.

Robin has collaborated on mulitple new store openings, major store remodels and a concept build out with a fly fishing retailer who took advantage of the opportunity to bring the rest of his store up to par.

I will support your project or event and create calm out of chaos to insure a positive consumer experience daily,

Investment varies depending on timeframe and while much can be done virtually, project collaboration does require some on-site involvement by Merchandising Matters.



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