Visual Merchandising Best Practices For The Outdoor Retailer




Outdoor Retail is a special industry and most specialty retailers have unique personalities as well as captivating stories which can sometimes be challenging to tell visually. Where to begin? This manual is here to help. Learn best practices for everything from your exterior to your categories, understand how to merchandise hard and soft goods, get inspiration, explore exercises with your team and find your ‘why,’ the heartbeat of your business. This book, available via download, will provide you with a strong foundation and solid structure so you can gain the confidence to maximize your creativity!

Love the manual, but wish it was customized to your specific best practices or with your product featured? Merchandising Matters can do that! Reach out here for more information on a co-branded manual.


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One Response to Visual Merchandising Best Practices For The Outdoor Retailer

  1. Robin Enright says:

    “Robin has given retailers a road map to merchandising success. As a specialty retailer, we are always trying to give our customers exceptional experiences. Robin has outlined exactly how to do this via ‘telling your story.’ And not only has she explained why this is important, but she has also provided instructions on how to do this. Robin has unleashed the curtain, and given direction for premium merchandising. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this as soon as possible!” Kim Walker, Outdoor Divas

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