Need fixtures? Props? Store decor? Going through a remodel and have fixtures, props or store decor you want to find a new home for?
Merchandising Matters can help!
In an effort to provide a service that is sustainable and affordable, Merchandising Matters is adding the role of Fixture Matchmaker. I have an inventory of fixtures and am a healthy resource for second-hand prop sourcing–you know, things like risers, plants, chalkboards, funky decor.
Prop sourcing investments are handled via an hourly fee of $100 and
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be compiling a list of the fixtures I currently have. The investment¬†for those of you who want to provide a sustainable and affordable continued life for your gently used fixtures will be a¬† 25% of the total once a match is made.
Email me to begin the conversation!

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