Slow down and make a plan

I’m already in the midst of a busy summer with a full client list and lots of exciting work projects, and know that the difference between a runaway train and being the driver of my own train is having a plan. Having a plan is especially valuable to anyone in charge of visual merchandising details in their store.

Having a plan provides you with the ability to remain a few steps ahead and perhaps even more importantly, communicate your goals and desired outcome with your team. This communication insures everyone has a chance to be on the same page.

Simple steps to putting together a merchandising schedule:

  • Use a calendar to plot when you anticipate changing your windows and front of store. Be sure to think of promotions, community events, major sales and write them down.
  • Identify what story you anticipate telling with each event and indulge in some blue sky thinking about props, potential partners in addition to in-store merchandising.
  • Roughly sketch out the layout keeping in mind the following:
    • Theme
    • Purpose
    • Lighting
    • Color
    • Seasonal elements
    • Depth of display
    • Height variations
  • Get your team involved! Maybe even involve your customers!

You might spend more time on the front end when you plan a few months or a month out, but the time you will save is priceless. And you deserve that.


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