Training Webinars: Power up your Holiday Visual Merchandising!

The retail holiday season can feel like a runaway train once it starts and for many stores, the visual merchandising strategy is relegated to “pile it high and watch it fly.” Time is tight and developing a strategy can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. These three webinars, developed specifically for outdoor retailers, will provide your team with immediately executable skills and solid direction on display areas, cross merchandising and gift groupings, and event planning so that you move more merchandise while providing a positive in-store experience for your customers. Webinar attendees will also receive 20% off a visual merchandising assessment to continue their learning. Investment: $49.99 for all three sessions. Space is limited, so hurry up and sign up here!

Master the following in three separate meetings:

1 – Windows, Front of Department & Front of Store: Wednesday October 26, 2016

Your window, Front of Department (FOD) and Front of Store (FOS) displays can be a powerful draw especially during the holidays. Windows, FOD and FOS act together, like a headline to a magazine article does, to invite the consumer into your store and departments by hinting at what they will find inside. There are some simple visual merchandising tricks to make the development of themes easier to execute and for changing them frequently. How to create a plan for your individual store will also be discussed. This session will be highly visual and will lead you through these tricks so you leave the webinar ready to attack your windows!

2 – Gift Groupings and Cross Merchandising: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A wonderful way to make your environment the go-to-place for buying holiday gifts is to provide ideas for the perfect presents. Placing gift groupings with merchandise from multiple departments in your store’s hot spots (we’ll talk about this too) is a wonderful visual cue for your customers. Some well thought-out cross merchandising can serve to spur sales of items that alone might not be so sexy, but that when placed with other products becomes a highly desired gift. This interactive workshop will make sure you are ready to roll with these effective tips!

3 – Engaging with Events: Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today’s retail environment does more than sell merchandise–savvy retailers know the value of creating experiences for their shoppers. Experiences tap into our limbic brain which is where emotion lives and we tend to remember experiences more than a list of facts. And events are experiences! This session will explore how to plan simple events for your particular audience as well as explore ideas for these events. Attendees will leave this webinar with one event planned and ready to be implemented.

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