Stand Out. Tell your OWN Story.


I was interviewed recently by the awesome Kristin Carpenter-Ogden of Verde PR and LivingUber and we chatted about the power of story in brand messaging and retail visual merchandising. We shared our views on engaging in a connected society that is actually…disconnected. (You can listen to the interview here.)
Stories have been a vital part of human communication since the beginning of time and are far more enticing and memorable than academic or technical elements. When used well in marketing and merchandising, stories tend to do more than expand consumer base. A good story line creates a following.
Your visual and verbal creative expression–as the storyteller you are–silently sells…or doesn’t.
The million dollar question is how does one tell a story that magnetically pulls an audience in? How does one get comfy taking the risk of being both a beacon and a screen–a beacon pulling like-minded individuals in and screening those that dance to a different melody–in storytelling?
If you know why you are in business (not how, but WHY) and you have spent time unearthing who you are in life and business, who you are is your business, the arc of creating story becomes more seamless and natural and when you are natural, real and even raw, you provide an opportunity for your audience or consumers to engage. Your audience believes you. Your audience trusts you. Look at REI’s #OptOutside campaign or check out United by Blue’s work.
The decision to be ‘you’ in business is rather simple, but involves a risk that hits many of us in a soft spot: What happens if I let myself really be seen and I’m not understood (or liked, or lose money etc.)?
When we put ourselves and our businesses out there, this risk is real, but here’s the thing: we also open the door to a deeper and more loyal connection with like-minded folk, we open the door to finding our people.
Don’t know what your story is? I’m here to help. Let’s talk.
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