Exploring Salt Lake City’s Nordstrom

Store design and the mannequins inside come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and determining which is best for individual retailers or manufacturers is never arbitrary. While on a recent trip to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, I checked out Nordstrom and thought I’d share with you some of the things that caught my attention beginning with a rock star fitting room. Enjoy!

dressing room waiting area

This dressing room is larger than my living room! Love fitting rooms that have ample space to rest for whoever is accompanying the shopper. Comfortable customers linger longer and are likely to spend more.

colorful and fun bodies reflect clothing personality

color pop body

Abstract mannequins do a fine job reflecting the playful clothing here.

what’s the point?

When I posted this picture on the facebook page of Merchandising Matters, it was a unanimous thumbs down. Sure, it’s attention getting; but what’s the point (pun intended)?


Loved this Anthropologie-ish display. The backwards mannequin adds drama, and the one in the swing makes great use of the high wall while adding a playful perspective.

Purse display

This abstract body form allows the handbags to be the display focal point but also adds visual interest.


Love the natural elements in this yoga display…wondering if the muse for this came from Prana’s booth at ORSM 2012?

connect the dots

I love how these mannequins are only dressed in tops with the pants displayed on the table below allowing the consumer to complete their own style picture.

The variety of mannequin styles in one store perfectly spotlights the way different styles can work with the category they are displaying and the story being told. Be sure your mannequins speak the right language when you make design choices for your retail environment!

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