Sparkly Seattle Windows

Yes, it rained when I was in Seattle, but you know something?  Windows that are well merchandised are even more compelling with that lovely glisten of moisture from the sky and seem to sparkle at night. Here’s a bit of what I saw while wandering around on my recent Seattle trip:

talk about sparkle!

The rain made this window glow.  I was smitten.  Seriously.

wood art

Don’t be traditional: All too often tables are displayed the way they are used, firmly on the ground.  But these tables in a store on First Avenue in Seattle are uniquely artful and fortunately the store takes advantage of that in this window.

pop those neutrals and remember to repeat

This pop of orange color caught my attention from down the street.

Miniature captivating holiday story

Tiffany’s never fails to disappoint does it?  It was a rainy and windy evening in Seattle and  it didn’t matter–Tiffany’s little windows pulled me straight to her door.

Stringing me along

I’ve seen this used before in store windows and love how the lines pull me to the product and add visual interest.

eyewear served on a platter

What a nice surprise, glasses singled out and sitting on a cushion right at eye level.

customer service

Ha!  I bet you’re wondering why this is in here.  The Alexis Hotel (Hotel Monaco) took my comfort seriously.  I added this photo to remind you that visual merchandising is another form of customer service, and while this particular closet display might not win any awards–the feeling of being cared for while traveling lingers.  And I suspect I’ll stay here again.  So my question for you is: Are you doing all you can to make sure your customers want to return?


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