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Exciting addition to my work at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market!  I’ve been collaborating with Yoga Journal on their booth design for the show and will provide a presentation on what the process entailed.  If you are heading to OR, please join us by signing up below!
From inspiration to execution:  Learn how it all came together 
Winter Outdoor Retailer Merchandising Tours will end with a workshop in the Yoga Zone from 11-11:30 a.m. Learn how Yoga Journal and me, myself and I, collaborated to create a booth with a personality all it’s own.  I’ll talk you through the initial design stages, touch upon how design decisions were made and explain what the process from inspiration to execution entailed.  Take these insights back to your retail environment or get inspiration for your next OR booth!
Workshops will be held on Thursday (1/24) and Friday (1/25) at 11 a.m. following the Merchandising Tour which begins at 10 a.m.  Advance registration is required and space is limited.  Contact [email protected] to add your name to the list.
Merchandising Tours are co-sponsored by Outdoor Retailer and SNEWS®.
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