Enticing visual merchandising lessons from Capri and Amalfi

Color in Amalfi

The tiniest of markets in Italy harness color and repeat to entice.  Space is tight in here, and many of the shops have little space for multiple customers.  Lot’s of ‘butt brushing’ which in America is a no-no according to Paco Underhill in “Why we buy,”  but tight quarters are the norm in Italy.

Merchandising maximized in a small space

Merchandising space is not taken for granted in Capri, and this lovely and simple, but fashionable display takes full advantage of it’s place in the spotlight.  No ‘fill-the-space, take-the-easy-way-out graphics’ here, or anywhere I explored in southern Italy, for that matter.  Thank goodness!

Stairway of shoes

A window that gives footwear the attention they deserve.  The elegant simplicity was eye-catching.

Arte e Carta, Amalfi

This tiny shop in Amalfi that sells the famous Amalfi paper, journals and other gift items used the store floor for display.  The rich paper was displayed in piles underneath the glass floor in a luxurious style often reserved for jewelry.  No clutter, just deliberate product placement that was seductive.

What are take-aways from this visual journey?

  • Artfully use all of your space
  • Remember the power of color to draw attention to the most utilitarian of merchandise
  • Pay attention to your exterior and entice your customers before they even enter your store
  • Do not succumb to boring graphics to tell your story.  The money you might save on time will cost you sales in the end.
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