The Romance of Rome’s Windows

Sculptured mannequin in Rome hair salon

Rome’s visual merchandising understands seduction and romance with every detail carefully considered from the mannequin sculpture in a hair salon to the attention paid to the exterior of shops and caffes.

Hoss window in Rome

The style, fashion and personality of this window invited me into the sophisticated, though easily executed story.

every square foot entices


Just a few feet from the Spanish Steps, this alley made good use of it’s ability to grab attention and through a curator style suggested outfits, colors and themes. ¬†No mannequins? No matter.

No mannequins but solid story

Shopping in Rome is not utilitarian, but is a sensory experience that does not take the consumer’s interest for granted. ¬†Creativity and individuality rule the day as does pride in one’s business.

Caffe on the way to Trevi Fountain

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Italian experience?

Future posts will feature Capri, Amalfi, Positano and Sicily.

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