Boston’s Newbury Street Eye Candy

Fall fun at Marc Jacobs

One of my favorite parts about travel is checking out store windows and looking for inspiration.  From the seasonal playfulness of Marc Jacobs to the art gallery feel of Anthropologie, Boston’s Newbury Street did not disappoint!  Here’s a glimpse of what caught my eye and why:

Hardware with flair

The flash of color grabbed my attention and demonstrates that hardware can have some flair.

Pyramid power

Having some fun with paint cans as risers: The pyramid adds eye-catching visual interest, fills the window, and allows the spotlight to remain on the footwear.

Allowing light in while framing the window space

Many stores struggle with methods that allow light to enter the store, and yet insure displays don’t just fade into the environment.  This colorful ‘curtain’ is also a perfect complement to the neutral blue jean tones.

clever copy

Clever copy

Clever “Hunger Games” appeal punctuated with flash of color.

Hunger games

Clever copy

This post would not be complete without the requisite ‘wow factor’ of Anthropologie’s windows.  Art gallery eye candy!


Simply fantastic

Anthropologie layers

Layers of loveliness

Eye catching backdrop provides pull to product

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