SoHo windows make an impact


Merchandising Matters was in NYC at the end of September and had an opportunity to experience Broadway in SoHo as a consumer and tourist. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to NYC, and while I had thought I needed to spend time on Fifth Avenue, I found plenty of inspiration in SoHo.  (Full disclosure requires that one window absolutely caught my attention, but was not included because of it’s gory zombie vignette.) 

In the image from Bebe above, I was drawn to the stylish story and how they took hold of the opportunity to grab pedestrian traffic from a variety of directions by orienting their mannequins in different directions, yet still creating a strong relationship among all the body forms.

More of what caught my attention and why:


Notice the measuring tape curtain, simple props, and strong message!


I like how the back wall display strengthens the vintage style clothing on the mannequins.


Colorful footwear displayed with natural elements and simple signage at EMS is an attention-getter!


Do you have any doubt in your mind about the type of product you’d find in Uniqlo? I also liked the use of rotating mannequins at the back of the window.

Window shopping is a fantastic way to gather ideas, regardless of the market you are in.  If something catches your attention, take notes about what grabbed you and then take a photograph.  Adapt the principal to your merchandise!

If you have a window you want to share or think I should check out, email , and spotlight your creativity!



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