What is a Merchandising Matters retail visual merchandising needs assessment?

I’ve been asked a few times about what a visual merchandising needs assessment is, and decided this is the perfect spot to answer the question!

A needs assessment is an overview of your store right now into which we incorporate any concerns, struggles, goals you have.  Merchandising Matters takes extensive photographs of your location as a baseline in addition to engaging in extensive discussions about your current store problems, long range goals and opportunities.  We then analyze all this information and develop a prioritized plan to meet these goals.  Visual merchandising needs assessments often include a competitor analysis. From the visual assessment, Merchandising Matters will provide you with the following:

  • Visual and written details that provide a ‘snapshot’ of your store as it is today
  • Recommendation for a direction that will help you meet your goal and drive traffic
  • Program implementation strategy
  • Resource guide
  • A strategy for reviewing the success of visual merchandising plans
  • Visual (photographic) overview of the ‘after’

After the initial assessment, our collaboration provides direction for the implementation of the visual program.

Every client is different, and Merchandising Matters does not execute a one-size fits all plan, but instead focuses on your unique brand, store, budget, and goals.

Challenge us today!

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