Trade show tip #13:  Congratulate yourself for following!


What a fabulous audience you have been! I hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from following my weekly merchandising tips and found something that directly related to your trade show booth merchandising and marketing.

Congratulations to you for taking the time to learn more!

Strong visual merchandising and marketing strategies can do so many valuable things for your business.  For example, they:

  • make you memorable
  • help you engage with your customers
  • provide tools to connect with and build relationships
  • grab attention that can lead to sales
  • provide a fun factor for your employees and your potential customers
  • strengthen sales teams
  • and let’s not forget, they drive sales!

And you have two more opportunities to maximize your investment at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market next week!  Join me at ORSM, in my new role as merchandising editor for SNEWS®, where I will be leading merchandising tours, co-sponsored by Outdoor Retailer and SNEWS. us to put your name on a contact list for more information and to ensure your name is on the registration list for the next Outdoor Retailer Merchandising Tour Program, Summer Market 2011.

Tours will be held on Friday, 8/5 and Saturday, 8/6 from 10 – 11 am and are designed to highlight creative and effective merchandising methods for retailers and exhibitors.  Friday’s tour will be specific to retailers and Saturday’s tour will be specific to exhibitors.  I hope to see you there! 

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