Trade Show Tip #12:  Challenge yourself to something new


When was the last time you tried something completely new?  Something that was just challenging enough that your belly felt a bit queasy with anxiety?  Something that, once accomplished, put a little bounce in your step the following day? 

And why am I asking you such a personal and silly question in a blog dedicated to visual merchandising when you are over-the-top busy getting ready for Outdoor Retailer Summer Market?

In my opinion, the question is not silly, but is meant to help you get your brain and body out of any potentially dangerous rut before you head to ORSM

I got out on a stand up paddle board for the first time yesterday.  This might not make you nervous, but I didn’t grow up on the water or spend my summers boating.  Sure I’ve been on motor boats and I love kayaking (on very gentle water), but my overall experience has been minimal which leads to a distinct lack of confidence. Case in point:  I totally flipped when I found myself far from shore during my first triathlon.

Here’s the thing though:  I like doing things I’ve never done before (just don’t ask me to skydive or wrestle with a mountain lion please) because of the intrinsic gifts they tend to give my business or personal life once I realize I am capable of surviving said new experience intact.  I have skied double black diamond trails (loved the endorphin rush) and gone ATV-ing on rugged and winding mountain trails (too scary, will not do this again) because I have learned that the things we are frightened of or think we cannot do are things that we just might be able to not only do, but enjoy! I was raised to believe that “I can’t” really means “I won’t.” 

These new activities always give me the courage to do something else that benefits me or my business.  I remain fresh, present, and alive.  I remember that I have the power to impact my own life and my own business.

Maybe you will stir things up by trying a new sales tactic or visual merchandising strategy at ORSM, or perhaps you will just carve out some time prior to the show to jump on a paddle board, climb something you’ve never climbed before, or even make contact with someone you’ve been intimidated to reach out to.  Only you know what activity pushes you just a bit beyond your limits and will make you wake up the next day with your confidence soaring and new perspective.

We become successful business people because we don’t let the status quo dictate our direction.  We become successful because we forge our own direction.  We remain successful because we remember to recharge our batteries and push our limits.

And along the way, we just might learn how to do something enormously fun, like stand up paddling (which I can’t wait to do again!).  I think we just need to take a deep breath and leap into new territory.  There’s usually a net, or so I’ve been told.

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