Trade Show Tip #11:  Smile.  Now smile some more!


Visual marketing includes the personality of everyone in your booth or store with the cumulative effect being what we refer to as the ‘vibe’ one gets in your presence. There is no denying that certain feeling or energy in every environment we visit. 

All of us have walked into stores where we felt unwelcome; perhaps no one greeted us or employees were too busy playing with their cell phones or speaking amongst themselves to notice, or worst of all, we encountered a sales person who was just plain miserable.

Here’s the thing:  Inexperience and/or lack of knowledge can almost always be overcome by a smile, but overcoming a frown or sales people who appear to be too distracted to work with us is pretty tough.

My first trade show tip talked about the power of employing those that love being there, so if you’ve done that, this tips should be effortless!  It’s free, it’s an invitation, and it invites interaction from people passing by.  Positive energy is generated by that smile!

I’m not advocating you light yourself up like a lightbulb or falsely force your booth employees to grin until their jaw aches, but I am advocating that you remind them that their presence at Outdoor Retailer is a privilege and that your products are exciting, and that sales will always be about first engaging the customer.

Nothing does that better than a warm, open, genuine smile.  Even better, it won’t add to your budget!

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