Trade Show Tip #10:  Get the help you need!


Outdoor Retailer is four weeks away and for many that proximity in time means the midnight oil burns nonstop.  The to-do list grows and grows, and time is at a premium.  We become task-oriented and don’t see our friends and families (never mind the great outdoors) for a few weeks. 

Have you stopped for a moment, taken a deep breath and asked yourself if you had all the help you need? Have you ever considered what your pre-show work load could look like if you bit the bullet and grew your team?

Before you balk, I’ll let you in on a secret:  If you have trouble asking for or budgeting for additional help and sharing tasks, you are not alone.  I’ve been there too.

When I worked for REI, I was fortunate to be chosen as a visual lead for a number of store openings, both in and out of my district.  There were times when the work seemed impossible to complete before the doors opened to the public, and it seemed easier, never mind quicker, to just do a task myself instead of teaching someone else how to do it.  But, here’s the thing:  If I did try to do it all by myself, not only would the successful completion of the job been unlikely, but I would have robbed the new store staff of an opportunity to develop a strong team as well as the sense of individual accomplishment and pride when the job was done.

We not only lighten our load, and insure we are performing at our highest level when we seek the right type of support with our business, we open the door to sharing our company’s vision.  We create a team reaching for the same goals.

If you consider that many small businesses fail when they do not get help with the tasks others can support them with (whether it be sales, bookkeeping, visual merchandising, etc.), the task of spending the necessary money to get the help you need might be easier to swallow.

Assess the tasks on your list right now and identify the areas where only you can complete the work and then identify areas where the work could be performed by another. If you need help with lighting, talk to a lighting expert.  If you need help with sales training, hire outside help.  If you need help with the visual marketing and merchandising of your booth, hire help (and ahem…I know a great resource for this!).  The money you spend to allow your business to grow wisely is always a smart move. In fact, I’ll take that one step further:  Without such help at the right moment, your business will not grow.

And remember, I feel your pain.  But I’m pretty determined to be outstandingly successful, and I suspect you are too, so like you, I’m willing to do what I need to do to get there.

You have four weeks before ORSM.  Make this show your most successful ever and invest in the additional resources that will take you there now! 

Great book for small business owners:
E-myth Revisited:  Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it
by Michael E. Gerber

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