Trade Show Tip #8:  Color can be a powerful draw

Strategically utilizing color in your trade show booth visual merchandising is a powerful way to draw attention to your booth and your product.  When the story being told is carefully considered, the wise use of color can even subdue visual noise and create calm out of chaos, enabling you to be more clearly seen.  Really!

Most of us are aware of the color wheel and the way it can help us utilize different shades so that we ‘pop’ what we most want passers-by to see, but it can also imply psychological meaning and affect our emotional state. Think of it this way:  If you were going for a massage, would you find it easy to relax in a bright sunny yellow room with white trim,  or would it be easier if the walls were a gentle shade of green? 

Let’s take it one step further:  Do you think a black wall in a booth attracts as much attention as a bright blue or brilliant pink wall? 

When adding color to your booth design or merchandising and visual display, try to limit each story to no more than three colors.  Sometimes color blocking is the most effective (the same color on the top as on the bottom fixture) way to generate attention, other times utilizing complementary colors does the trick.  Whatever method you decide to use, be sure you think in terms of story

The following picture is the produce aisle at a grocery store and does a good job demonstrating how effective complementary colors can be and how good signage (simple blackboards that utilize a uniform format) can emphasize that color story even further. 


The study of color is far too broad to examine in a blog post, but there are a few things you should ask yourself as you plan your own color story:

  • What is the personality of your product?  Does it generate excitement or perhaps safety?  Or is your product’s story one of comfort? What colors speak to that personality?
  • If you have merchandise offered in many different colors, what are the color stories you will chose to spotlight with your display?  How will you do so?
  • Does your signage complement the merchandise on display or does it fade into the background, unseen?
  • If you have a product line of primarily neutral colors, or black products, how will you draw attention to your booth? Props?  Partnering with another exhibitor?
  • How do you want people to feel when they enter your booth?
  • Does everything in your booth, ie.  displays, signage, flooring, etc. work together in an integrated fashion?  Remember all items utilized in display should demonstrate this relationship.

I could go on and on expounding on color, but still not cover all aspects of its fascinating power.  The most important thing is for you to know what your story is.  And, of course, to have a plan!

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