Trade Show Tip #5:  Map your trade show booth


We consult maps whenever we are planning a trip to a new place.  Why? To save time and avoid getting lost; both of which are important if we want to be efficient with our time. 
Why not adopt these principles for Outdoor Retailer by drawing a map of how you want to set your trade show booth?  Mapping ahead of time will also help you solve problems and identify potential opportunities long before you arrive.  And while I can’t guarantee it, I suspect knowing these things up front might even help you sleep better on the nights leading up to your arrival.

Programs like Illustrator are fabulous for plotting your booth layout, but pencil and graph paper or a white board work quite well too.  Depending on how technical you want to get, you could also sketch your booth elements and just play with laying them out on an outline of your map until you get the configuration you think will work best.  Finally, I recommend you add color to your map to insure you are taking advantage of how color and contrast might help you stand out.

Elements you might include in your map:

  • Size and shape of booth
  • Tables and/or seating area
  • Signage (including where you hope to place it)
  • Display placement
  • Product display fixtures and/or demonstration area
  • Collateral or give-away placement
  • Lighting
  • Any other supplies you expect to bring with you

Sketch out your booth initially without attention to scale.  Once you begin to find your way to a booth design that you think will work best for your merchandise, then bring scale into the equation. 

The time spent planning ahead should alleviate anxiety and gives you an opportunity to evaluate certain issues long before you arrive, and even better, provides you with a communication tool for any potential helpers when you set up. 

Map your trade show booth! You won’t get lost if you know how to get there!

Need help?  Contact for a consult.  No job is too small.

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