Trade Show Tip #4:  How will they find you?

Wikipedia’s definition for a sign is “An object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.”  How will you suggest the probable presence of your product at Outdoor Retailer?

Your signage helps grab attention, provides product education, and can also add pops of color. You needn’t burst your budget with your signage production, either. Get creative when you are considering the signage that will invite visitors to your booth by grabbing their attention and think about the following:

Placement:  Think about the ballroom at Outdoor Retailer and how with proper height placement you have the potential to draw someone in from a distance.  Consider all the angles someone might use in approaching your booth and take advantage of them.

Color:  Carefully consider your use of color in signage and be sure it matches your branding or at the very least has a ‘pop’ factor that invites attention.  And don’t neglect the power of utilizing pictures/visuals in your booth signage!

Consistency in brand messaging:  Again, think of the messaging of your signage and be sure that when all signage elements are used together, they look like they belong together (fonts, colors, message being sent)

Wording:  By all means be creative but be aware of the message you are trying to deliver and the language you are choosing. Words can be powerful, be certain that your language is clear.  If you don’t feel comfortable writing your signage copy, hire someone!  There are lots of writers out there (myself included) that can help you get your message across.

Signage holders:  Use some form of frame or holder.  Do not scotch tape a sign to anything.  Ever.  Enough said.

Think about the products you use for your signs:  Shoe box lids, oversized individual letters, even a repeat of an item you sell can work as a strong visual clue (for example water bottles, socks, etc.) and can also be used to create lettering.

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