Trade Show Tip #3:  Bring forget-me-nots


I came home from Winter Outdoor Retailer with shopping bags, stickers, trail mix, lots of business cards and even some Wonder Warmers, compliments of two of the most entertaining young men I stumbled upon in the ballroom. All giveaways made it home with me in my overstuffed carry-on and continue to remind me of the conversations I had while there.

My gift, or leave-behind, for everyone I met involved a few informational newsletters that focused on visual merchandising and retail marketing. 

Is it important to add promotional material to an already swelling trade show expense account? Well, yes.

Trade shows are chock full of nonstop action and multiple requests for attention including exposure to new products and new vendors, new people, visual noise, and auditory overload.  You obviously want your booth to stand out while you are there, but you also want those you come into contact with to remember you and your product assortment long after the trade show ends.

This is why I like to call giveaways, forget-me-nots.  Clever marketing collateral coupled with engaging booth personnel help generate a solid memory stamp on the brain, linking product to person.

The reality about much business development is that from the point of initial contact to actual order writing can involve a larger time period than many expect.  And like any relationship, business connections take time to grow, with timing often being the key factor.  Whatever layers you can add at trade shows to cement your brand on your potential customer is worthwhile.

The items I took home from OR helped glue together the image of booth, product, and people into solid memories.  They were forget-me-nots.

If you are looking for other retail marketing trade show strategies, contact today.  Telephone consults are also available!

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