Trade Show Tip #1:  Love being there!


Beginning this week, Merchandising Matters will be providing weekly trade show tips until the end of July.  While the tips are geared towards those attending Outdoor Retailer, they are not only specific to the outdoor retail industry.  Most provide valuable insights for every exhibitor regardless of the trade show.

I’m one of those people who gets inordinately excited when attending a trade show primarily because I feed off of the energy of others.  An opportunity to see what’s new in my industry and to meet and connect with those who enjoy the outdoors is something I treasure.  I work super hard, meet cool people and then stagger to some restaurant or other for a bite to eat and some wine before I happily head to my hotel and some sleep.  Then I jump out of bed ready for more.  But, not everyone feels that way, and I recommend anyone springing for a booth make sure that whoever is provided with the thrill of being there, feels, well….thrilled.

Why?  Because enthusiasm is contagious and draws people to you and your product like a magnet.  Will everyone be enamored of your wares?  No.  Not everyone will fall in love with your product or make that huge buy you’ve been waiting for.  Not everyone will even return a smile.  But you still have to put on your big boy or big girl pants and do your best to create excitement at your booth.  Sometimes that can be as simple as sharing the love for what you make or what you do!

We are all drawn to passionate and positive people and another’s enthusiasm for what they do can be powerful.  And heck, you might just encounter me, and your loving being there might cause me to tweet about what a cool something or other you are selling.  Who knows what will come of that.

I’m just saying.

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