The Merchandising Doctor hits the stands today!


Has your merchandising ever needed a doctor?  Have you ever wondered what treatment would work best for your merchandising challenges?  Have you ever wished you could get personal advice from an expert in the field?  Help is on it’s way! 

Check out SNEWS today for information on a new series of articles by The Merchandising Doctor (Robin Enright of Merchandising Matters), and not only will you get great advice that could help you solve your challenges, but you will learn how your store can participate and potentially get free merchandising guidance from the Merchandising Doctor!

If you are already a SNEWS subscriber, you are all set, if not you can check out the article via a one-time ‘freebie’ offer.  SNEWS is a leading trade publication in the outdoor and fitness industry—stay on top of trends and get expert advice via the Retail College with a subscription today.

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