Example of effective trade show booth merchandising

Wander any retail trade show floor, and you will be assaulted with visual and auditory noise.  Standing out in the crowd can be a challenge, especially for smaller booths.  If you are going to make the investment to exhibit at a trade show, and you want to be sure you receive the maximum return on that investment, visual merchandising should not be an afterthought.  There are some very simple and inexpensive techniques you can use that can be the first step towards driving traffic and sales.

Fast Strap’s booth at SIA (Snowsport’s Industry Association) in Denver was small in size and had a limited merchandising budget, but company President Michael French knows how to work the colorful design of his product (ski and snowboard boot straps, leashes, snow shoe and cross country ski carrier sets).  French effectively spotlighted his product in use which also drew attention. 

These skis do a fine job of spotlighting Fast Strap in use.

Again, the snowboard adds color and almost acts like a body form would, spotlighting the product.

I liked the addition of the boots next to the colorful fixture, again showing product use.

Colorful signage helps Fast Strap be visible from a distance.

With the budget available to them, Fast Strap did a fine job of spotlighting their product by showing it in use and filling their space without overwhelming.  Could improve their booth?  Absolutely, they could add risers to create dimension on the table or add a bin or some other fixture to keep smaller product elevated and visible (and not lying flat on the table) but they are off to a good start! 

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