Holiday Merchandising Tip #32: Add some music and comforting scents!

Merchandising isn’t all about the eye.  Merchandising can and should reach your customers through all the senses. 

Consider for a moment how fragrance has the power to transport you emotionally and harness this power in your own store environment. 

We are coming into the final stretches, and from what I’ve seen out on the street, people are feeling pretty festive.  Turn that festivity into sales by streaming music that makes your customers want to sing along, and consider adding hot mulled cider, or burning candles with a subtle spruce or pine scent. 

The more welcoming and comfortable you can make your store, the longer your customers will remain, and if you chose well, they may even feel happier.  I’ve been at the supermarket when ‘Winter Wonderland’ was being played and swear customers began to move more calmly, smiled, and even sang along.  Remember that the longer your customers remain, and the stronger their sense of well-being, the more they may spend.

Engage all the senses and see what happens!

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