Holiday Merchandising Tip #30: What’s left in your warehouse?

Only 7 days left until Christmas; is all your inventory represented on the sales floor?  Remember that customers are feeling that same holiday season ‘rush’ that retailers are, and need help from you!

Tonight is a good time to explore all the merchandise that might be in your warehouse or that is not moving from the sales floor.  Rearrange what you can with product from the warehouse to fill in any empty spots, and remember to always, always move product UP.  If you must have gaps on your walls or on the sales floor, be sure those gaps exist on the bottom!  Neaten up your tables, enhance your walls with clean color stories, and take a fresh look at your product placement.  Summons up your tired creativity and think gift once again.

I was out a few hours ago to finish up my shopping, and judging from what I witnessed on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado the local shops are getting lots of traffic.  Take a few moments to reassess your situation tonight so that from tomorrow straight on through to Christmas you can rest assured you did your best by getting all your product on the floor.  Don’t get so busy that you forget to reassess your product placement and inventory only to have to heavily mark down come December 26. 

It’s time to finely tune those smiles, shake off the exhaustion and get ready for the sprint to the finish line!

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