Holiday Merchandising Tip #28: Model your merchandise!

One of the best ways to move merchandise out the door is to encourage your sales staff to model whatever you sell.  Modeling apparel or eye-catching accessories is easy to do, but you can also encourage the use of other types of potential gift merchandise. 

  • Do you sell games or toys?  Set up a play station with a sales associate to demonstrate how a game is played.
  • Do you sell spices or extraordinary cooking oils?  Set up a simple demonstration of how those items can be used in cooking.
  • Do you sell outdoor gear?  Encourage employees to all wear or use a similar product as they work. For example, sales staff could model headlamps or backpacks, create carabiner necklaces or wear scarves.

Find ways to offer a sample experience with your products on the sales floor and offer incentives for your employees to do the same.  Have fun with your merchandise and you will encourage your customers to have fun too!

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