Holiday Merchandising Tip #26: Use simple signage to point the way

Attention is hard to grab this time of year.  Many people are rushing wildly around, still trying to determine what to buy their significant other, children, friends and co-workers.  There can be a sense of panic or sensory overload when entering a store, especially if customers have no solid idea of what to buy.
There is a significant and simple way to help them out:  Use signs!

Spotlight tables that offer ideas for co-workers, hostesses, gifts under $20, maybe even tables for the hard to buy for, or stocking stuffers with simple signage.  Point customers to gift ideas with signage. 

Be sure your font is simple and remains uniform from sign to sign, and double check that it can be read from a reasonable distance.  All you need is a computer, printer and a holder for your sign.  Frames work well for holding signage or you can get really creative and use small blackboards with colorful chalk.  If you chose to use blackboards, be sure you have someone with neat handwriting who is willing to perform the task.

Whatever you do, do not EVER use paper and pen for a sign or tape signs to a fixture.  Keep your signage reflective of your brand. 
Your customers will thank you for pointing them in the direction!

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