Holiday Merchandising Tip #25:  Gift groupings make gift giving easier!


How many times have you had a set amount of money to spend on a gift for a loved one or a friend, but when you set out to purchase said gift, have trouble finding something in that price range?

Imagine how often this happens to your customers as well. Sometimes they will get lucky and find a creative sales person to provide them with guidance in their holiday shopping, or maybe you will stay one step ahead and create gift groupings throughout your store that provide some flexibility for your shoppers.

A gift grouping is a display, often on a table, that is placed in a prominent place in your store or at the front of a department that provides your customers with gift ideas that all work together. The key is to provide add-on sales potential and offer different price points. Like the example in the above photo, the items placed on a gift table revolve around a theme.

Examples of great gift groupings:

Cozy Sunday morning:  Coffee cups, hot chocolate, warm socks or slippers, folded robes, pajamas, books, fleece throw
The new skier: Boot bag, season pass holder, ski socks, hand and foot warmers, ski helmet, ski gloves, boot warmers
The winter hiker:  Snowshoes, crampons, guide books, hats, gloves
Visiting the family for the holidays:  Board games, chocolate, wine, gift cards

You get the idea.  Take a look at your merchandise and determine how you can make gift ideas easier for your customers by creating a gift grouping!  width=“425” height=“282” />

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