Holiday Merchandising Tip 23:  Know your hot spots!


Every store environment has at least one hot spot.  Do you know where yours are located?  This knowledge is helpful for not only spotlighting priority product but for driving sales of items that might not get noticed in their normal ‘home.’  During holiday season, these spots are valuable for creating gift groupings as well. The first step is identifying these areas if you haven’t already, and the second step is to utilize them well.

How can you identify these hot spots and use them to their best advantage?  Know the answer to the following questions:

  • Where do your customer’s pause as they walk through your store?  Watch your customers.  Understanding these breaks in movement requires some observation.
  • When they stop right inside your store, where do their eyes travel?
  • What wall grabs attention regardless of what you place on it?
  • It is important to note that often these pauses are not obvious:  What about the area right outside the elevator, if you have one?  At the top of the stairs?  On the way to the restroom?

Cash wrap is perfect for impulse items, but rather than placing random things there, be sure you are factoring in last minute gift and stocking stuffer ideas.  In addition, change out these items seasonally.  Things to think about:  colorful socks, travel accessories (TSA locks, pack-it products, shoulder wallets), books, ornaments, etc.  The key is to keep it neat and create category impact.

Something to think about:  Sometimes these ‘hot spots’ are instrumental in moving product that you can’t seem to give away.  Consider treating this ‘difficult’ product like your best seller by creatively displaying the merchandise in a hot spot for a short time.  You might be surprised.

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