Holiday Merchandising Tip #11:  Be creative with your prime real estate

Being creative with your prime real estate might seem obvious, but I am referring to more than your windows here.  Walk past your store with as objective an eye as possible; what areas do your eyes move towards first?  If it isn’t your store front or window, maybe it is an interior table or wall?  From what angle do people usually pass by?  Are you maximizing the impact of all of your prime real estate?

Many times customers are pulled into a store because of what they peek on a table or wall in addition to your window.  I recently was ‘invited’ into an art gallery in downtown Boulder by the colorful and unique art placed on the wall directly next to the door.  Play up these spaces, and create a message that pulls pedestrians in.  If you have the luxury of a store window, have your window and front of department table work in tandem to invite passers-by in.  Don’t neglect the power of positioning product on these ‘barely glimpsed’ locations!

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