Five tips for driving traffic with your display window

If you are a retailer that is fortunate enough to have a high visibility window, consider asking yourself the following questions before you set your next display.  Remember the goal of your window is to drive traffic!

1) What is the story?

Develop a theme. Why are you placing that particular product in the window?  Who are the characters wearing or displaying your merchandise?  Where are they going and why?  How old are they? 
Try not to let your window be a panic reaction to just filling space.  This is prime real estate! Pick a theme and work around it.  The more details you add to your theme, the easier it will be develop your display. Examples of themes:  Women casually chatting at a cocktail party, or Men getting ready to hit the hiking trails, or A family exchanging gifts, etc. 

All you need is one or two sentences and then have fun developing your story line.  Experiment, set your stage and always, always, always remember to review your window from the outside in the typical lines your customers will follow.

2) Who are you calling out to?

This is critical.  Are you a store that caters to college students, young couples starting a home, or women in their 40’s with lots of disposable income?  Do your customers want a bargain or are they looking for something unique?  Is your average shopper a trendsetter, classic dresser, comfort seeker, or dress casual professional?  Be sure you put product in your window that clearly calls out to your target audience. 

3) Why are you different from the store next door?

When you have lots of pedestrian traffic and are an independent retailer surrounded by well-known brands, how do you utilize your uniqueness to your advantage?  How do you intrigue your passers by?  Maybe you are a store with gift items from all over the world, or perhaps you only sell merchandise from local artists, or maybe your clothing is setting the trend with the 20-somethings in your community.  Whatever it is, make your uniqueness a strategy for your window, and make yourself stand out as a boutique that just must be explored!

4) What will I find when I walk in the door?

Does your window give me a good introduction to the merchandise inside your store?  If I ask for the product that is in the window, can you deliver it? Remember that not being able to purchase what is on display is incredibly annoying to customers. 

5) Does your window excite your customers?

Is your window display eye candy?  Keep it simple for the most impact, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe either.  Remember that windows should be visible from a distance to draw your potential customers in.  You might have the most creative idea, but if you can’t develop it in a way that catches a pedestrian’s eye, consider a new tactic. 

Remember:  Your window is an opportunity to advertise your brand.  Taking a few moments to think about your strategy and answering these questions can put you on the way to increased foot traffic which will lead to increased sales.  And, don’t forget about basic housekeeping when you work on your windows.  Lighting should spotlight your work, dust should be nonexistent and fixtures spotless, and your windows should CHANGE on a regular basis—if possible, every two or three weeks to keep your regular customers engaged.

Overwhelmed?  Contact me for a complimentary consultation! 

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