Book Review:  The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business

The Retail Doctor’s “Guide to Growing your Business” is a must read by any retail manager or proprietor, and you should not wait until your small business needs a doctor to explore this book!  Bob Phibbs’ valuable personal experience as the Retail Doctor advising business owners is now accessible in his new book.  “Guide to Growing your Business” can help you realize the true potential of your business and understand the myriad of ways you can not only further develop your store, but how to maximize the interrelationships between employees by understanding the strengths of key personalities and how to offset and strengthen their differences.

Not sure how to price your merchandise?  Confused and intimidated about social marketing techniques? Want to improve your interviewing skills and employee training programs?  Utilize and correctly interpret your store financials? Grow more satisfying relationships with your customers, and increase sales?  It’s all here, and the end of every chapter provides concrete action steps to put into play your new knowledge.

“Guide to Growing Your Business” should not be left for a rainy day.  Read it today, follow Phibbs’ prescription for meeting market challenges, and watch your competitive edge quickly grow. 

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