This month’s winner in customer service!

Lowe’s of Natick, Massachusetts wins, hands down for customer service this month!  I don’t know how they do it, but I’ve been in there plenty the past few weeks prepping my home for sale, and every employee not only greeted me with a smile, but knew something about what I needed.  These are the things that delighted me:

When I asked how quickly a carpet could be installed, the sales specialist said that due to the recent unprecedented flooding in New England, they could not honor their 72 hour guarantee, but would do their best to be as close to that as possible.  They were.

I had questions about carpet; someone was on the floor who knew about carpet.  I needed blinds shortened, but wasn’t sure about proper measurement adjustments, and someone was on staff that knew about window treatments.

Countless times either I, or a friend shopping with me, have wanted to check something out that was security-tagged. Not only have sales staff been willing and able to satisfy a request to open up the package for exploration, they haven’t needed to search for a manager to see if it was ok.

Lowe’s seems to have mastered the ‘just enough’ friendliness quota for my personal comfort level.  The smiles, “how are you’s’ and ‘can I help you’s,’ are paced perfectly throughout the shopping experience and are not just an assault when I enter the store.

When I am in a retail environment, usually with the goal of checking out the merchandising, I can’t ignore how I am treated as a customer.  Merchandising and customer service work together to enhance the customer experience, and by working together to create a pleasant shopping environment should drive sales incrementally.  How are you measuring up?


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