The psychology of a customer

Vendor partnerships, and key volume drivers, are important elements in visual merchandising, but in addition, the curious psychology of a store’s customers must also be considered.  In this fast paced, do-everything-yesterday business world, many of us do not spend enough time on purely observing our customers while they shop:  Do they stop and look more closely at a display?  Do they jump up and down while trying to reach something on a top shelf?  Are they greeted by sales people?  Do they walk right by key signage and then ask where something is? Where do they pause?  This is all critical information when designing a department layout or positioning a display.

Retailers that pay attention to such research have the potential to boost sales by providing a pleasant, effective shopping experience that causes their customers to return again and again.

The front page of Saturday’s New York Times had an article entitled “In Bid to Sway Sales, Cameras Track Shoppers,” about how retailers are seeking an edge on profits by such observation.  Envirosell and Paco Underhill are the go-to guru’s for appreciating the psyche of the consumer.  If you take the time to observe your customers you will not only increase your sales when you take into consideration what you learn, but you will also be fascinated!

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