My reading list

Every now and then, I come across a book or two that I am determined to share!  The following reads are books that not only educated me in some way or other, but that also provided intellectual calories I am still utilizing.  These books are the books I continue to turn to and reference.  If you are in business for yourself and are passionate about becoming a success in your field, you won’t go wrong with these reads.

The E Myth
– Michael E. Gerber
If you are a small business owner or are thinking of starting your own business and are determined to stick around for the long run, this book is not optional.  Make your unique talents and dreams for your business a reality.

Why We Buy
– Paco Underhill
This book is still my go-to book when evaluating merchandising options.  Not only is the book fascinating, but provides solid direction that will not only improve your customer experience, but will drive your sales. Store management and visual specialists as well as devoted sales people should read this book about the science of shopping.

Who Moved My Cheese
– Spencer Johnson, MD
This book provides a reminder of the variety of ways we can look at the situations in our work or life that no longer work for us.  It’s a simple book that gave me a good kick in the *&@! 

These three are only a handful of the books that have been pivotal in my life and work.  I hope you read them and that they provide you with the same momentum they gave me!

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