Utilizing your silent salesperson

Payroll might be slim at many retailers, but there is a salesperson you can utilize at minimal cost, 24/7: your visual merchandising!

Any visual specialist knows that one of the best measures of his/her work is what happens to the inventory featured in a display. Does the product fly out of the store or is it barely noticed? Ideally, front of store, front of department, windows and displays incorporated within departments are all working extra hard to sell your merchandise. Sure, displays can be clever or visually engaging, but ideally they are pulled together with the overriding idea of driving sales.

To optimize sales from a display:

  * be sure the merchandise you are promoting can be supported in your inventory
  * place product on display in proximity to the display if possible
  * feature display product prominently
  * for clothing: dress your body forms in those ‘hanger-unfriendly’ styles that might look unappealing until they are tried on
  * change your displays often (every two weeks if possible) or at least incorporate a few new details regularly
  * don’t get too fancy, keep things simple and clean
  * ask yourself: what are people looking for right now that you can provide?

And, remember community events and holidays that are approaching to spur interest. Work off of those events in your merchandising.

Utilize your silent salesperson. Insure your merchandising is driving sales and paying for the real estate it is occupying!

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