First you need to know what to do: Stop spinning

Before you start thinking about how to execute a visual merchandising plan, you need to know what to do.

The best creative work gets done when the individuals doing it follow that I-just-know-it gut thing, or the instinct that nudges them towards something slightly different or rock-my-world unique. This is hard to do without a solid foundation. You need to know the rules before you feel confident enough to adapt or break them.  Businesses that are able to quiet the fear of marching to the tune of a different drummer are usually able to do so because they made an investment in training.

They knew when to ask for help.

We believe that good training from someone who understands your industry and who takes the time to get to know YOU provides a solid foundation and understanding of best practices that in turn develops confidence. Confidence that spurs creativity. We believe that all of us can use a nudge towards individual greatness in a world populated by naysayers and the fear of failure.

We believe that the biggest risk in today’s retail environment is not taking risks.

We like to work with people and businesses who are ready to be nudged in the direction they want to go.  We are here to help you and your team tell the story only you can tell.  We are here to teach you to take the leap into the future you want for your business.

There’s no such thing as certainty so why not play with fire to light things up and stand out from the crowd?

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