Merchandising Matters wears a few hats and they all fit.

  •  On-site visual merchandising training
  • Retail Store and Brand Visual Merchandising Assessment
  • Quick Hit Merchandising Support: Get advice on how to solve one of your retail trouble spots.
  • Visual Merchandising Certificate Program: For visual merchandisers, store managers, store owners, and sales team members who want to understand best practices, up-level their visual merchandising skill set and become confident, risk-taking, creative assets to their retail team.
  • New store development, store remodel and re-fixture project collaborative lead
  • Visual Merchandising Best Practices for Outdoor Retailers training manual for current team members and to serve as a foundation for training new hires. Manual is specific to outdoor retail, rich in imagery and a fantastic layer in any training program. Manual can be customized to your industry or retail environment or brand. Reach out here for more information.
  • Workshops for Sales Teams, Reps, Marketing and Merchandising Professionals, and Retail Leaders.
  • Development of voice in storytelling: For small business owners, merchandisers and marketing professionals as well as executives who want to improve their messaging and engagement with their audience
  • Creativity consultant: Guiding businesses and individuals to internal growth that results in enhanced creative expression so that goals are realized. This work is done under the umbrella of Merchandising Matter’s sister company Permission to Leap.