ROBIN ENRIGHT SALCIDO is in the business of creativity. She is the founder of Merchandising Matters, a visual merchandising agency where she endeavors to enhance an emotional connection between buyer and seller through training and education, and Permission to Leap where she guides organizations and individuals to enhanced creativity in business and life. She feels a bit of magic when observing others transition from “I can’t, I don’t know how,” to “I can and I will,” and she isn’t afraid to wave her wand a bit to encourage this transformation.

Her client list includes Neptune Mountaineering, Outdoor Retailer, Vail Resorts, Sunlight Sports, Angler’s Covey, Sea to Summit, Buff, Inc., GSI Outdoors and Cascade Designs. Enright has worked as Travel Editor for Women’s Adventure Magazine, Merchandising Editor for SNEWS©, and as a local columnist, op-ed contributor and feature writer for MetroWest Daily News in Framingham, Massachusetts. She was awarded an Artist in Residency at Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012 and is currently working on Searching for Home, a collection of essays on the meaning of home and Permission to Leap: TheWorkbook, a workbook of exercises to spur creative process. Robin has led merchandising tours at Outdoor Retailer winter and summer markets (co-sponsored by Outdoor Retailer and SNEWS®).

Meet my partners, the New Normal Consulting team:


Michael Hodgson has worn many hats successfully over the last 30 years – store manager, retail general manager, content director for a dot-com startup, trade news organization co-founder and president, award-winning writer, business owner, guide service founder and director, non-profit board president, and speaking coach. He excels at working with individuals and teams to create new business entities or strategies that are profitable, meaningful, impactful and unique. He is a recognized influencer of the creative process and has a proven ability to build bridges between people and entities that become conduits of knowledge and collaboration — conduits that help to foster new business networks, new business development, inspire ideas, and lay the foundation for helping brands and people realize new ways of looking at challenges that before had appeared unsolvable. Michael lives with his wife, Therese Iknoian, in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Sacramento, California.


Brad Werntz has been exclusively employed in the outdoor industry for over thirty years: As a guide and outfitter, a writer and speaker, as specialty retail staff and management, a marketer, and entrepreneur. For twenty-two years PEMBAserves – the sales agency that Brad founded – represented high-end brands to the outdoor industry’s most respected and influential retailers. Brad also founded Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison, Wisconsin and has been its managing member since 1996. Brad is an early-adopter and an innovator who has consistently asked and answered the question: “How is this going to end up?” To Brad, this question is as much about predicting an outcome as it is about influencing it. Brad is very active in the Outdoor Industry Association, and is currently on its Recreational Advisory Council. Brad has served on other environmental, and outdoor industry boards. Brad is the founder and board president of the Wisconsin Business Alliance. Brad lives on the bike path in downtown Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Vera, and their kids Emma, Misa, and John-Pio.


Geoff O’Keeffe is an outdoor industry professional with over thirty years’ experience in every aspect of operations and management. Geoff has served as president of four companies, held executive roles in five others, been part of two start-up teams, and has operated in branded wholesale, brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and non-profit environments. Geoff’s unique areas of expertise include general management, strategic planning, project management, merchandising and inventory planning, sourcing, and supply chain. Geoff takes a particularly keen interest in the subtle dynamics of building, training and sustaining the “human engine” of creativity, teamwork and commitment within organizations. Geoff has served five non-profit boards, including ORCA (early Outdoor Industry Association), the Conservation Alliance and Paradox Sports. Geoff was a founding member of the organization that became the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. Geoff lives with his wife, Sandy, in the mountains above Boulder, Colorado.