What does inspiration have to do with merchandising?

Here’s what I believe:  The best work gets done when the individuals doing it follow that I-just-know-it gut thing, or the instinct that nudges them towards something slightly different or rock-my-world unique.  I believe that formal education and best practices are super cool things until they stifle your creativity and authenticity both personally and professionally.  I believe that all of us can use a nudge towards individual greatness in a world populated by naysayers and the fear of failure. I believe that the biggest risk is not taking risks.

We like to work with people and businesses who are ready to be nudged in the direction they are meant to go.  We are here to help you tell the story only you can tell.  We are here to teach you to take the leap.

There’s no such thing as certainty so why not play with fire to light things up and stand out from the crowd?