Once upon a time I was in Kaui, Hawaii and I had an opportunity to jump into a watering hole that was about 15 feet below.  The day was not warm and sunny and the water was cold.  I was with a group of people who had signed up for a SUP and hiking adventure and did not know anyone with me.

I’m afraid of heights and tend to only enter the water when the temperature is sweltering.

So why did I chose to take the leap?  No one was nudging me or encouraging me to jump. No one cared about my decision to leap or not.

I decided to take the leap because something in me knows that the best rewards in life come from facing fear head on and because certain risks have an uncanny way of opening doors and windows we didn’t even know were there. I decided to leap because I know that sometimes the things we think we are frightened of are the very things we most long to do.

This is the basic philosophy behind all the work I do as a consultant, writer and public speaker.  I will help you take the leap.  I will nudge you towards your true story in business and life.

Creative and provocative problem solving coupled with dynamic communication skills along with a passion for my work position me as a positive and effective team member. This is your business. Merchandising Matters is here to help you reach your goals.